You Must Know These Before You Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most well-known TV series, and it has a lot of viewers and fans around the world. It shows the cruel reality that might happen during the harsh moments in the medieval era, and its politics can be a lot more rotten compared to today’s politics. Additionally, the unexpected plot twists and loveable characters can make a lot of people fall in love with this franchise. If haven’t watched this movie yet, you can simply watch it for free on viooz. However, before you start watching this series, there are some things that you must know about it. (Soft spoiler alert, you have been softly warned).

It’s not suitable for younger audiences

There are a lot of nudity and sex scenes, even the same-sex scenes in this series. It shows prostitution too. So if you watch it with your children or younger relatives, we suggest you cover their eyes when the adult scenes show up on your TV or PC screen. Although people enjoy sex (they really do), sometimes it can be too much in this series.

You can hate a villain and love him (or her) in the end of the series

The character development in this series is fantastic. You can never always love a character, and you cannot hate one continuously throughout this series. Their developments can blow your mindset away regarding cliche characters in other series. In this series, you can hate the protagonist while you cheer for your favorite villain.

The ending can disappoint you (soft spoiler alert)

The ending of this series has disappointed a lot of fans, and you can become one of those disappointed fans. Therefore, bear in mind that the ending can hurt your expectations regarding this entire series, so perhaps you want to consider your choice whether it’s worth your time and feelings to watch Game of Thrones or not. However, if you don’t take entertainment too seriously, you might get an easier time dealing with some plot twists that don’t suit your taste.

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