This How To Get Around Tiny Bathrooms To Look More Spacious

Bathing is very necessary to refresh the body as well as to make the body more relaxed. The presence of a bathroom becomes very important about this. The size of the bathroom, in general, is not too big. Therefore, steps are needed to work around this so that you do not need to renovate your bathroom. So as not to regret when renovating your bathroom, you can entrust it to the bathroom remodel Columbia SC. Then, how to make a tiny sized bathroom look spacious, consider the following ways.

1 Brighten Wall & Floor

Choose bright colours for the walls and ceiling. This is because bright colours have the effect of extending space. So the bright colour of the walls makes the room feel roomy.
So that space does not feel monotonous, you can add dark colours as accents. Like the wall, the floor will also appear wider when using bright colours.

2 Exchange the Cabinet Sink with a Hanging Sink

The cabinet under the sink provides good storage but will take up space in the tiny bathroom. Replacing the cupboard with a hanging sink or pedestal can be more effective. This will make your bathroom roomier.

3 Eliminate those that stand out

The slightest protrusion of furniture or accessories can stop the eyes and make space seem narrow. Move wall drawers, hanging racks, or other decorative accessories on the wall that make the room feel more cramped.

4 Use the niche as storage

Lately, wall cabinets are trending. However, the overdraft on the wall can function as a storage area. Because of its flat shape, it relatively takes up space and disturbs the view in the bathroom.

5 Take advantage of the Mirror

Now, a mirror can have a continuous effect on a room. If the room is roomy enough, place a large mirror in front of the bathtub. You can also consider placing several mirrors arranged artistically to replace one large mirror.

Well, those are some tips that can be used to juggle your tiny bathroom to feel more spacious. To renovate a bathroom, you can use the services of bathroom remodel Columbia SC.

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