Advantages From Responsive Web Design

Google said for the site manager to design website to Responsive, Google also stated that it is very helpful for SEO and even help for smartphone users, it is obviously for users of the website to be used with a smartphone the only way to redesign Website to meet the demand on all platforms, especially smartphone platform. Use our Website Design, visit web design agency london to get more information.

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For the portal website, of course, this is required because the usual web portal a lot of visitors every day, even web portal, if you do not want to design their website traffic, will decline away so from this that responsive web design is highly recommended. We go back to the point of responsive design explanation. In simple terms, the responsive design can mean the website page will format itself well and depending on the device being displayed we should be able to ensure that the content can be viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, User-friendly with this responsive design. Even Google says for web portals have two templates, one for desktop template one for a smartphone.

Here are the advantages we can get when we create a responsive template design:

– Google Loves Responsive Web Design

Google not only recommends RWD (responsive web designer) it can also target users for mobile phones, besides Google will also be easy to present search results performed on mobile devices. Especially when mobile users search for local services.

– One Site, One URL

This is a very profitable thing for us who have designed the template to responsive, if we use a separate mobile version, of course, this will be troublesome because we will leave from scratch to create mobile version content. For SEO design responsive has its own value because we will not be difficult to build links, because URL or link fixed one direction but of course, we have to use the attribute of the canonical tag,