How Magician Do Their Tricks

If a gold coast magician closes an object with a piece of cloth, then it is certain that all eyes will be fixed on something that is closed. This is called the focus. Focus is a choice, we can look forward or backwards. Do you still remember the percentage mentioned above about magic? Most of us only focus on 50% of the art. We are easily influenced by the body language of magicians. Where the direction of the body and hands move, our eyes must always follow it. The ability to control focus is one thing that magicians have. Magicians know how to get people to think and see things. Or vice versa, such as distracting, destroying concentration and much more. If you often hear that we must focus on everything, while watching magic, don’t be focused. Do not obey what the magician wants and perhaps a bright spot on the game will emerge.

What the magician wishes to convey is not just entertainment and curiosity, but more than that, a deep life lesson. So that we are always open-minded, learn from anywhere, with anyone, and don’t jump to conclusions. Magic games teach us to think outside the box, be creative, see each event from a different perspective, not be controlled by the situation and ultimately, control the focus within us. There are thousands of other lessons in each game if we want to sit for a while and make time for the body to think and reflect.

The higher we learn an art form, the higher the satisfaction demands to be able to enjoy it. It is very difficult for us to sit sweetly as if we don’t understand anything when a magician is demonstrating the game before us because we know what the magician is doing and sometimes arrogance arises in us that we are being tricked by the magician. But tricks and illusion is the art of magic that the purpose is solely to entertain.