What Is An Amplifier?

The power amplifier is the final amplifier of the sound system that functions as an audio signal amplifier which is basically an amplifier of voltage and current from an audio signal that aims to move the loudspeaker. The term power amplifier is the final amplifier so it is not equipped with a tone regulator, in contrast to the term amplifier which consists of a tone regulator and a power amplifier. The task of the power amp (driver) is to push the preamp processed signal to be forwarded to the speaker. we know there are amps 30, 40, 50, 90, 100, 120, 200, 300 watts and so on! this is the power of the thrust power! but it is not pure, it can be said that the size of 100 watts is calculated with the sound of defects. The power section works by various types of components for its driver. Parts there are transistors or there is also a Tube (Tube) as its amplifier. then there is a large Elco 3000ma and above as a store of current, diodes, resistors and of course Travo which plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the electricity (Electrical) of this section to be maintained stable. if explained in detail it’s not enough here, from this section will produce a sound boost that is forwarded to the Speaker. Meanwhile, if you need an amplifier for motorbikes, we suggest you check out some of the best motorcycle amps.

If you see in the amplifier there is a VU meter (Volume meter unit) then that is its function to measure the incoming signal from the Instrument to the amplifier.

The amplifier functions to amplify the sound signal that is transmitted to the speaker so that it is loud and has maximum output.

The amount of amplifier amplification is often known as gain, the value of the gain expressed as a frequency function is called the transfer function.

The power output of an amplifier varies from 10 Watt to thousands of Watt.

For home entertainment, the 20 Watt output power is sufficient, but for use in the open field, larger power output is needed according to the terrain.

Apart from the problem of power output, a good amplifier must be able to respond to audio frequencies from 0 – 20,000 Hz.