How To Clean Floor Tile Nat

Grout is commonly known as a material for filling gaps between installed tiles. Nat serves to strengthen and beautify the appearance of the tiles installed. In general, grout is made from a mixture of water, sand, and cement going here. When the tile is installed, it is not uncommon to leave the remnants of grout attached to the surface of the tile. The grout has almost the same strength as cement, so if it is already dry it will be difficult to clean. When the tile is installed and grout the best way to clean grout that spills over the tile is to clean it immediately before drying using just a cloth. In addition, tiles can also be dirty and leave marks. Hand over the task of cleaning tiles to Tile Cleaning North Shore.

But it is not uncommon because of negligence or ignorance, so the tile installation does not clean the grout which makes the tile look worse. So that after the tile is installed and the grout is dry, it is left just like that. As a result, the homeowner must clean it himself. Tiles that are already dirty with grout will be difficult to clean if the texture of the tile surface is rough. Because grout will fill small gaps in the surface of the tile. For tiles that have a smooth texture, it will be easier to clean.

How to clean Nat tiles which proved successful
This paper is the result of our experience when cleaning grout stains that are already dry and sticking firmly on the surface of rough tiles with a texture of rocks. We have tried various tips on the Internet with suboptimal results. Among them with liquid cleaning porcelain and bathroom tiles, using baking soda, etc. even by using hard objects still the results are not satisfactory.

Finally, the method that has proven successful is to use HCL liquid which can be obtained at building material stores. The trick is as follows:
1. Using protective gloves (strong acid resistance), prepare HCL liquid and a cloth that should be discarded after use
2. Open the cover of the HCL container then fill the end of the cloth with a little liquid.
3. Rub the tip of a cloth that has been moistened to the surface of the ceramic affected by grout
4. Wait for the liquid to dry
5. Rub the surface of the tile with grout again with a dry cloth
6. The grout will fall out and the tile will be free of grout

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