Factors That Make Prayer Not Granted

In everyday life, people repeatedly encounter questions like this, why does God not answer my prayer. Or sometimes people wonder why he is still living in poverty, even though he has prayed to get sustenance from God. Try to look at the above expression honestly. Does God not answer the our website of people who need it? Did not God has promised to grant the request of everyone who begged Him? Then why is some prayer not answered? Complaints like this are usually more often come from those who depend on their hearts on God and submit requests via word of mouth. Because several factors make them usually submit complaints like this.

First, they know that God commands humans to pray, while also promising to grant it. Secondly, they also know that God is honest when he promises and surely fulfills his promises. Third, they understand one fact in themselves that only God is worthy of being a place to ask. Because they know that God is the source of all things and the return of all things to Him. God is the most gracious and incomparable Giver. That is why they only refer to Him. When we look back at these human complaints, we will find expressions of some of their prayers and not all of them. This shows that their awareness of the three previous explanations. But unfortunately, humans with all their senses and awareness are often still negligent about many things.

When we believe that God is Almighty and we ask for help through His power, then at the same time we must also believe that God is Grand. God’s policy regarding all human affairs and understanding, in the beginning, was difficult to understand. A child initially hates homework. He forgets that if difficulties like this do not exist, he cannot be more than he is today. Young children see homework as bad and look at free time as good. You may hate something, even though it is very good for you, and maybe (you) like something, even though it is very bad for you; God knows, you don’t know. As such, we should pay attention to this one issue as well. Because some of the prayers that are not permitted by God Almighty are the prayer itself.

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