3 Ways To Install A Good Home Electrical Installation

Talking about electricity, electricity is an important part of a house. Incorrect installation of electricity will certainly cause an electrical short circuit, whether small or large. This small electrical short circuit will usually cause the cost of electricity bills to swell, and while a large electric short circuit can cause a house fire. So here you have to be really careful and more careful when installing electrical installations in your home. If you want to avoid something that is not desirable, you should call the residential electrician Columbia SC. Here’s how to install electricity at home that you can apply if you want to try it.

1. First, you can buy an NYM cable with a size of 3 × 2.5 mm² or greater to be stronger. This cable will then be installed at the point of contact. You can also use a 2 × 1.5 mm² cable for mounting to the point of the light. For budget problems, using this large cable does require a large enough cost, but for security, it is very good.

2. We also recommend studying the contents of the MCM leak and know also the arrangement and path of each wire from the cable to be connected to the MCB box. The connection here must be thorough because if one cable is incorrectly installed, it will cause problems. Here are tips on how to install electrical home that is important to learn by you The way to install this MCB box is by removing the screws on the left and right, don’t forget to turn off the MCB on the electricity meter so that there is no electric current.

3. In the installation of cables at home you must estimate how long the cable for all rooms, taking into account also the need for cables, lamps, and sockets in each room. We also recommend that you do a simple example of a proper and carefully installed home electrical installation. First peel the cable at the end that will be connected to the lamp switch, the contact stip point, and the lamp point. Keep in mind, when connecting the cable must be strong so that it does not break easily.

After the connection has been completed, the cable must be covered by using special cable insulation to avoid short circuits or electrical short circuits. You also need to work hard to work on the socket outlet and also the light switch that is installed on the PVC electric pipe inside the wall.

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