Technique to Improve Page Rank

If we want to join affiliate marketing, then one of the requirements is having high page rank. Even though we can find some companies that give approval for blogs with 0 page rank to join affiliate marketing, but from bloggers’ experience, the quality of jobs are usually not as big as one that requires high page rank. Therefore, for the sake of getting many jobs with high value, it will be better if we pump our page rank first. It will take time to make our blog a high ranked blog, but if we know the technique, we will be able to cut the time and get the high rank faster.

One of the smart techniques is by using link exchange. As we all know, blog link is one of the parameters to get higher page rank. With the method, we can exchange links with other bloggers who also need higher page rank, so we are helping each other here. How to make a link exchange? It is easy, all we need to do is joining link exchange network. Yes, with the network, we don’t have to work so hard by finding blogs with high page rank and ask the blogger to exchange link with us.

Free link exchange network will meet us with webmasters or bloggers who have the same purpose as us. If we are using link exchange, then it will be better to choose websites or blogs that has relevant content with our blog. The relevancy makes people more attracted to click our link and visit us. Another recommended action is to exchange link with websites or blog that have high page rank. However, make sure to exchange links with one that have low page rank as well, with that way, Google will not get too suspicious with us.
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